Pencil and Paper

IMG_0052 copy

Pencil and Paper was the name of a TV program many years ago. I vaguely remember it but my parents enjoyed the program.

I love technology … I find it fascinating how we can do so much stuff on smart-phones, tablets and computers, and I have been known to occasionally dabble in writing code. The first time I did this was when playing with a Sinclair Spectrum many, many years ago. More recently I have written some html code. I consider it a form of art.

Occasionally I try to work in a paperless environment but, after a short time, I find myself yearning for the touch of pencil or pen on paper. There is so much satisfaction in feeling ideas and thoughts being transformed to words or designs.

Part of the satisfaction of writing notes and articles longhand is that the mind works while the words take shape on paper. One word follows the next, triggered by an initial thought. Adjustments are made and, at least for me, the shape of a word on paper may define the direction of the words that follow. I may have decided what I was going to write, but then the flow takes control and I discover I have made a better story by letting the ink take control.

I suspect it’s a bit like a sculptor finding what shape lies within a lump of rock. The first chisel mark guides the next until suddenly “The Thinker” sits before Rodin! The rock held the statue until it was released.

It’s the same, for me, with sketching as well as writing. I have a concept in mind, the pencil or pen touches the paper and the combination of the orginal idea with the texture of the paper and the graphite or ink lead to an artwork (if my art is worthy enough to be given that moniker).

Long live pencil and paper.




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