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AS17-03233 copy

Venice in the rain

Bags packed and ready to fly. First port of call will be Lisbon where the weather is expected to be as warm as it is in Brazil so I will be out and about capturing images of food and sights to add to my collections.

As well as selling images through my principal agent, Alamy, I sell direct to clients and can take advance orders for specific images before I travel. I have just signed up to a new (for me) web-based photographic agency, FotoWoo, which I find potentially useful for picking up semi-commissioned work. It seems to work like an agency I used to use (Photographers Direct) that provided me with a few leads in years gone by but better. FotoWoo makes use of a request and supply system that is easily accessible via desktop or mobile apps. I think it has potential since it offers buyers the ability to obtain images from a variety of photographers. It makes us competitive too which is not a bad thing!

You may ask: How do I search for an image online? Google obviously helps but image agencies, unless you know a photographer, are the best bet.

In addition to the two agencies that I sell through, I also make use of other competitive sites through which to attract business: Freelancer and Upwork among others.

If in doubt, ask me! I will happily answer questions and more happily sell photos – they don’t have to be expensive!

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