What time is it?

1st January, 2020, Erice, Sicily

It is certainly past my time to post a story here. Remiss of me but I have tons of useless excuses.

My last post was published while I was in Sicily. Since then I have been in Edinburgh from mid-July to mid-November, then back here to Sicily to assist my mother who unfortunately cracked a vertebra at the end of October resulting in her spending two months in hospital. I had planned to spend a few weeks over November/December in France before returning to Sicily but my mother’s accident caused me to change my plans.

Yesterday I spent a bit of time in contact with friends and family to wish them a Happy New Year. I grew out of the habit of staying up till midnight to see in the New Year but while I was mulling over the global location of midnight at the time that I went to bed I realised that I had friends and family dispersed across the entire planet’s time zones from Japan, Land of the Rising Sun, to Los Angeles, and multiple points in between.

Having my thoughts with all my family and friends I realised it doesn’t really matter what time of day it is when seeing in the New Year … midnight moves towards me and then past me, washing over and carrying my thoughts to loved ones in the process. I went to bed early but the sound of fireworks, akin to being in a war zone, went on for hours from early evening to well after midnight (though exactly what hour it stopped was unknown to me).

I am in Sicily for one more week before returning to my home base but I plan on being back here in Spring – date not fixed yet. Later this month I shall catch up on my posts, especially covering my activities in Scotland, plus a few more from here. I shall also reorganise my blogs, social media, websites and workflow with a view to publishing with more appropriate regularity. The best laid plans ….

Happy New Year!

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