A pair of mounted Gauchos leading a horse

The Pampas of Argentina and the grassy granges extending into Uruguay, the southern states of  Brazil (principally Rio Grande do Sul, but also Santa Catarina and Parana) and Paraguay are home to the fabled “Gaúchos”.

Gaúchos were skilled nomadic horsemen, or cowboys, that roamed the grasslands in the process of raising cattle and horses. While there are still some that work as cowboys they tend to do so now on cattle farms, though the term “Gaúcho” still applies to the people of the region.

Having visited a couple of cattle ranches in Argentina I took a few photographs that I have now used to to make a collection of monochrome prints that will go on sale at the end of this year as limited edition prints. A small selection is replicated below.


Gaucho on horseback



Gaúcho boot in stirrup


Gaúcho boots



Gaúchos leading a group of horses


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